Support frontline staff and leaders through a peer-to-peer support program. 

Heroes Supporting Heroes

Well-designed and expensive caregiver support resources such as EAP and wellbeing programs are not fully used while hundreds of distressed clinicians are never identified or supported.

A thriving peer support community is an affordable and sustainable approach to identify and support caregivers facing unprecedented challenges.

Replacing a physician can cost a health system between USD $500,000.00 and $1 million.

Replacing an RN cost a health system between $37,700 to $58,400.

Only 49% of physicians identified that they experience joy at work.

79% of physicians said their burnout began before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Provider burnout and second victimization show consistently decreased patient satisfaction, quality indicators, and perceptions of safety.
What If...

You could promptly identify a distressed clinician and provide immediate support

“Are We There Yet?” Answering the C-Suite on Improvement Initiatives

You could significantly increase employee utilization of your support programs.

You could create a robust peer support network and equip them with next-generation tools

Beterra's Peer Support Program

Organizations with peer-to-peer support programs are significantly more successful in supporting distressed clinicians and deploying organizational support programs.

Program Outcomes
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    Prompt Identification of Distressed Clinicians

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    Tier One Support Through Departmental Leadership

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    Equipped and Effective Peer Supporters

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    Establish a Referral Network

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