Full-Stack Engineer

Hospital errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States. How bad is it? They prematurely kill up to 400,000 people a year. Beterra Health is looking for a mid-to-senior level full-stack engineer to help us put a dent in that number. If you’re interested in doing work daily that helps save lives and joining a team early enough to have a huge impact, you might be that person.

What kind of problems will you be solving?

Here are just a few of the problems we’re considering over the next 12-18 months:

  • How do we model complex, evolving organizations over time, while maintaining historical continuity?
  • How do we normalize data streams to draw insights around improvement from disparate metrics?
  • How do we use and visualize data to enable exploration and action planning?
  • How do we build and test workflows that actually drive improvements at facilities using Beterra?

You’ll do this with code that’s well-designed and tested. You’ll think of our users and give input to how the product could make their goals easier. You’ll leave every file and process a little better than you found it.
From a technology standpoint, we currently operate in:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Ember
  • Postgres
  • AWS

You should at least have Rails experience, but you’ll work in all of these and have the chance to advocate for changes or additions. We want to deliver large amounts of value as quickly as possible in a high-stakes healthcare environment, and we’ll learn and use whatever technology enables that aim.

What kind of individual are you?

You’re kind, thoughtful, driven, and talented.

You’ll give it your all as we gather around the whiteboard to solve hard problems and as you go heads-down to implement solutions. Our style of work is high-autonomy, trust-driven, and focused on enabling deep work. You’ll have the drive to turn that freedom into great work.

And lastly, you’re sharp and getting sharper. You get excited when you think about the size your impact could be on a small team. You have a big appetite for learning and reflecting to broaden and deepen your skillset.

What is Beterra like?

We’re a privately held self-funded company in Newnan, GA aiming to facilitate world-class healthcare experiences and outcomes. The problems we’re currently solving are in the patient safety space. We help over 150 healthcare organizations across 7 countries understand and improve their safety culture, directly resulting in better outcomes for patients.

We live and breathe healthy organizations, and we spend a lot of time applying our domain learning to our own company. We believe culture is far more than an office keg—it’s the values we live out and norms we put in place that enable us to achieve our mission.

If we aren’t spending all of our afternoons around the office keg, what benefits does Beterra offer?

  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible PTO with a minimum of 2 weeks
  • Medical coverage for you and your dependents
  • Flexibility to work remotely as needed (2-3 days for much of the team)
  • Whatever workspace tools you need to produce great work
  • The resources you need to learn and grow, including your Audible membership

Does this sound like you? Do you want to know more?
Email our President, Daniel Baily (dbaily@beterra.com), with a little more about yourself and what interests you about Beterra. From there, we’d love to learn more about your technical skills and what direction your career is headed—and of course, to tell you more about what we’re up to at Beterra.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!