Care for Caregivers

Support frontline staff and leaders through a peer-to-peer support program. 

Heroes Supporting Heroes

Well-designed and expensive caregiver support resources such as EAP and wellbeing programs are not fully used while hundreds of distressed clinicians are never identified or supported.

A thriving peer support community is an affordable and sustainable approach to identify and support caregivers facing unprecedented challenges.

What If

You could promptly identify a distressed clinician and provide immediate support.

“Are We There Yet?” Answering the C-Suite on Improvement Initiatives

You could significantly increase employee utilization of your support programs.

You could create a robust peer support network and equip them with next-generation tools.

Beterra’s Peer Support Program

Organizations with peer-to-peer support programs are significantly more successful in supporting distressed clinicians and deploying organizational support programs.

Program Outcomes

Prompt Identification of Distressed Clinicians

Tier One Support Through Departmental Leadership

Equipped and Effective Peer Supporters

Establish a Referral Network

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