Foster a culture of patient safety with a survey system that gets results in record time.

Patient Safety Culture Improvement Through Insight

Collecting patient safety survey results and acting on them shouldn’t be difficult. We’ve helped over 200 organizations efficiently measure and improve patient safety culture.

Our SafeCulture system engages your leaders and caregivers through simple survey completion, resulting in clear, actionable data and planning.

Turn Patient Safety Surveys Into Results

Making real change to your patient safety culture means going beyond survey completion regulations and embracing a strategy that impacts clinical outcomes, enables your safety team, and supports your caregivers.

SafeCulture makes collection easy and instantly transforms data into actionable information through an intelligent measurement and analysis process. This system is your first step in the journey to patient safety that makes a difference.

What’s new in HSOPS 2.0?

SafeCulture process diagram


Involve staff and leaders continuously to gain deep insights into their safety perspectives.


Our system includes the AHRQ safety culture survey and additional composites for actionable results.


Our cloud-based portal, designed for safety culture, lets you instantly explore and share results.


Standardize and streamline safety culture measurement and improvement across all care settings with our scalable platform.


Automatically feed survey results, analytics, workflows, content, and interpretations into year-round action planning effortlessly.

Take Action

Use smart metrics and action plans to go beyond surveys, organize data, track progress, and accelerate towards high reliability.

Our Client’s Results


Average Survey Response Rate (15% higher than the national average)


Average Rate of Improvement (4X the national average)

1 Month

Average Time to Distribute Results from the Survey (5 months faster than before working with Beterra)

4+ Weeks

Average Amount of Labor Saved by Automating Safety Culture Measurement

Why SafeCulture?

Self Administered Surveys
Major Survey Vendors
AHRQ SOPS Enabled including HSOPS 2.0
Historical Data Import
Advanced National Benchmarking and Analytics
Comment Analysis (Sentiment and Thematic)
Advanced Unit/Clinic Mapping
Automated Data Rollout
Action Planning and Tracking
Advanced In-App Support



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