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Do You Have the Power to ACT?

ACT makes it possible to track and support system-wide and local initiatives, integrate diverse improvement teams, and promote improvement opportunities with real-time progress information for data-driven accountability.

Our improvement tracking and reporting platform serves as a single data repository that enables healthcare executives, mid-level managers, and frontline care providers to:

  • Meaningfully execute strategic objectives.
  • Address improvement opportunities found in frontline feedback data.
  • Assemble accountable improvement teams.
  • Create actionable goals.
  • Elevate enablers and barriers.
  • Measure success.

Confidently put your patient safety, quality, patient experience, employee engagement, and other improvement plans in motion with ACT.

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Our Clients' Results

“Your ability to engage Sr Leaders and visually depict a safe culture as the basis for our journey to high reliability really resonated with our CEO. You have no idea how much I think our engagement with Beterra will help propel us forward.”

Sue Devoe, RN BSN CPHQ
Director of Quality | Northern Maine Medical Center

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You know what you need to improve — now it’s time to put those improvement plans into action.

Easily organize your top improvement initiatives based on performance data, identify improvement teams who will take ownership of each objective, and engage team leaders in establishing simple and clear improvement plans.

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Breathe life into your improvement plan by maintaining up-to-date activity logs within one central platform and giving everyone confidence that their improvement investments and actions are making a real impact.

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ACT provides real-time progress information to help executives make informed, insightful decisions based on their organization’s real data.

These progress updates allow hospital leaders to have data-rich performance conversations, remove barriers to improvement, and proactively evaluate initiatives.

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Improvement activities can cost even a small hospital upwards of $1 million per year.

Safeguard that investment by making improvement plans and teams more efficient, effective, competent, and sustainable.

With ACT, your organization can achieve more with less.

Change your approach to healthcare improvement. Transform your outcomes.
ACT Healthcare Improvement Software Includes:
scalable infrastructure icon
Scalable Infrastructure
action plan icon
Simple Action Plans
realtime progress data icon
Real-Time Progress Data
dashboard icon
Real-Time Dashboards
custom scheduler
Custom Scheduling
leader turnover support icon
Leader Turnover Support
centralize icon
Centralize Any Initiative
improvement action record icon
Improvement Action Record
engage unlimited leaders icon
Engage Unlimited Leaders
early issue detection
Early Issue Detection

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