Save Time and Resources with Automated Safety Culture Measurement

Not sure how to make sense of your patient safety culture data? Trust the cloud-based analytics portal explicitly designed for patient safety culture measurement.

Don’t just collect data. Act on it.

  • Go beyond basic data analysis with advanced role-, domain- and unit-specific reporting
  • Save several weeks of manual analysis with automated analytics
  • Distribute results to top executives, department heads, and staff in record time so they can strategize with current data
  • Lean on our expertise with best practices from 200+ implementations

See How Much Time You Can Save

15 minutes with us could save you 4+ weeks of manual labor.

Implement the program trusted by 200+ hospitals worldwide to measure, understand, and improve patient safety culture.
Average Survey Response Rate (15% higher than the national average)
Average Rate of Improvement (4X the national average)
Average Time to Distribute Results from the Survey (5 months faster than before working with Beterra)
+ weeks
Average Amount of Labor Saved by Automating Safety Culture Measurement

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“Measuring the culture of patient safety is critical to our work to eliminate patient harm, reduce readmissions and sustain our improvement goals. Beterra’s analytic tool provided an easy way to survey hospital staff, increase survey responses and provide quick results to assess areas of achievement and opportunity. The staff at Beterra are great partners, extremely responsive to us and our hospitals and very knowledgeable in the field of patient safety culture. It was a key component to the work we did through the Hospital Engagement Network.”

Kim Streit, FACHE, MBA, MHS
Risk / Quality Manager
VP/Healthcare Research and Information | Florida Hospital Association