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Are you struggling to get SOPS survey responses or make sense of the data you do have? We’ve turned a manual, labor-intensive process into an automated analytics machine.

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  • Send easy-to-use SOPS surveys to your hospital or medical office clinicians and staff with a simplified, automated program optimized for all devices
  • Get instant access to your full results and easily share insights across the organization
  • Take advantage of our onsite safety culture experts — we’ll help you craft a strategic patient safety culture improvement plan based on your data

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Average Survey Response Rate (15% higher than the national average)
Average Rate of Improvement (4X the national average)
Average Time to Distribute Results from the Survey (5 months faster than before working with Beterra)
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Average Amount of Labor Saved by Automating Safety Culture Measurement

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“Your ability to engage Sr Leaders and visually depict a safe culture as the basis for our journey to high reliability really resonated with our CEO. You have no idea how much I think our engagement with Beterra will help propel us forward.”

Sue Devoe, RN BSN CPHQ
Director of Quality | Northern Maine Medical Center