Take the first step in transforming survey results into action.

The Beginning of Next-Level Action Planning

Survey results are just the start of your improvement initiatives.

SafeCulture+ helps you turn survey data into actions that drive improved patient safety and staff engagement.

You’ll start making sense of patient safety culture survey data with smart analytics that feed into best practice action plans. Keep your activity logs continually up to date and empower your managers and executive teams with insight into change-making initiatives and precise identification of improvement action areas.

Facilitate confident and continual patient safety improvement, by providing intelligence to frontline leaders and enabling data-rich conversations at all levels of your organization.

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Automatically feed survey results, analytics, and interpretations into action-planning—year-round, with no extra effort. Your executive and QI teams will gain effortless clarity into retroactive quality, safety, and survey data, accelerating the pace of improvement initiatives across your entire system.


Identify what’s blocking quality improvement success — turn survey results into the intelligence your hospital leaders need to facilitate positive change in your patient safety culture. Empower your entire health system with the confidence needed to take the next step in your evolution as an organization dedicated to a culture of patient safety and continuous improvement.


Tap into the full functionality of SafeCulture Surveys plus action-oriented capabilities that deliver clear management insight and facilitate the evolution of your improvement teams, initiatives, and strategic objectives.

The fastest and most effective solution for patient safety culture improvement
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Real-Time Progress Data
Simple Action Plans
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Automated Response Rate Tracking
Centralized Initiatives
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Unlimited Leader Engagement
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